By Mae Lee Sun, Inside Tucson Business Published on Thursday, July 02, 2009 The sun, the warm weather, golf and the arts are what typically attract retirees to Southern Arizona. For those choosing to live at La Posada in Green Valley, there’s a new consideration: green living. “The average age of our residents is in the mid-80s. They are a very politically active and environmentally conscious population,” says Tim Carmichael, director of marketing for the nonprofit continuing care retirement community for people ages 62 and up. “Most of the changes we’ve been making at La Posada have come about through our residents suggestions who are concerned about water and energy usage. So we’ve taken that on and have hired Pepper Viner Homes as the developer for the planned Park Centre Homes neighborhood which we hope to break ground on by the end of 2009.” None of the 35 homes to be built will be owned by residents. Instead they’ll pay an “entrance fee” that on average will be about $450,000 — 70 percent of which gets returned when the resident leaves. The fee, along with additional monthly maintenance costs also provides for of having medical staff nearby. La Posada’s 35 homes won’t be for sale, residents will instead pay a partially refundable “entrance fee.” Advertisement As for being green, all of the homes will be energey efficient and built with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the cabinetry, paints and flooring. (VOC are carbon-based chemicals that evaporate at room temperature and can be harmful, especially from sustained exposure.) Not only will the homes be energy efficient, their construction will be cost-efficient as well, says Richard Barna, director of green building and building science for Pepper-Viner Homes and a member of the executive board of the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association. “We are still able to have a profit margin by sticking within La Posada’s budget because we have been working with energy think-tanks to pull out all the stops and not settle for cheaply built houses because of money,” Barna said. “It’s more about the science of it actually and applying the Pima County standards for green building rather than LEED’s which doesn’t account for issues specifically related to our region. A 50 percent savings for the consumer is our goal on all power usage and much of that will happen by using structural insulated panels (SIPS) instead of wood frame construction. It’s one of the greenest products out there.” He also said the concrete that will be used is made with 40 percent fly ash – a glass-like powder that is a waste product of coal-generated power. It’s used as a stronger replacement for cement, where most green building programs utilize only 20 percent. Each home will also be built specific to each site to maximize the passive solar heating and cooling. So far, Carmichael says the homes will be built in two sizes with a choice of two different floor plans. The curb appeal will be native desert plants

Pepper Viner Homes broke ground last week on Sunnyside Pointe Homes, a 267-lot housing subdivision near Irvington Road and Park Avenue. The lots will be developed for affordable senior housing and market rate homes by three nonprofits: La Frontera Center, Old Pueblo Community Foundation, and Tucson Urban League. Each nonprofit partner has received funds from sources including Pima County bond funds and the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco’s affordable housing program. The funds will be used to reduce the prices of homes to buyers through substantial down payments. The first phase of the project includes 90 homes for first-time buyers. The homes will have three or four bedrooms with two bathrooms and a single car garage. The plan is for the first homes to available in March 2010.

Tucson Metropolitan Chamber News The City of Tucson will use Pepper Viner/BASF’s new High Performance Home in Civano North Ridge as a demonstration site for the Residential Gray Water Ordinance. The ordinance, which will take effect on June 1, 2010, requires the installation of gray water “stub-outs” in new residential construction. Pepper Viner Homes and BASF partnered to build the High-Performance home which includes a number of water efficiency features and is 81% more energy efficient than the typical new home. “This is a home that is remarkably close to being a net zero home,” said Bill Viner, CEO. The house was built with Structural Insulated Panels with BASF Styropor®, SIPS. The concrete foundation is made with 40% recycled fly ash. Attention to indoor air quality and green products were given throughout the home. Water savings were incorporated into the home with both active and passive water collection system, a gray water system, dual flush toilets and the use of water conserving lavatory faucets and showerheads. “The landscaping includes bioswales or water collection areas that help water plants. There is a rain harvesting system to reduce the use of potable water for watering plants and the gray water system delivers directly to the roots of the trees,” explained Viner. Tucson Water will provide brochures and signs explaining how the gray water system was designed and is being used for irrigation. Ward IV Councilwoman Shirley Scott will be at the grand opening of the Pepper Viner/BASF High Performance Home on Saturday, October 17. She will join keynote speaker U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords at the grand opening and ribbon cutting which starts at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held in connection with the 10th Anniversary of Civano, a community designed with many elements of sustainability. To reach Civano North Ridge, take Houghton Road south of Irvington Road to Civano Boulevard, turn east to Sixto Molina Lane and follow the signs. © 2009 Chamber News

Metropolitan Pima Alliance’s (MPA) Common Ground Awards recognizes community leaders, projects and events with successful collaboration for the overall benefit of the community. Whether it is land development, economic development or community development, it is pertinent for all parties to find common ground and the Board selected winners are bestowed their Common Ground Award at this annual banquet ceremony attended by hundreds. Pepper Viner homes was selected as this years winner of the Common Ground Award for ‘Green Project.’ For more details visit the website:

For Immediate Release For further information call, Patricia Dunham (520) 745-9905 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY TO TOUR PEPPER VINER HOMES Tucson Builder Develops Community of Homes To Meet DOE’s Challenge And Receive “EnergySmart” Home Scales Tucson, AZ — Pepper Viner Homes has announced that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will tour their model homes at Civano Northridge on Tuesday, October 21 at 4:30 p.m. DOE will recognize Pepper Viner for qualifying their homes as part of Tucson’s first project where every home will meet the Challenge. “We are the first production builder in Southern Arizona to reach this milestone and earn this accreditation,” said Bill Viner, president. “We have made a strong commitment to green building.” All Pepper Viner Homes, in every new home community, are now rated Energy Star Homes. Every home at Civano North Ridge will receive the DOE E-Scale for meeting the requirements of the Builders Challenge. “I commend Pepper Viner Homes for their tremendous energy saving initiatives underway here at Civano Northridge,” said Ed Pollock, project lead for DOE’s Builders Challenge program. “Their participation in the Builders Challenge is just the beginning of a movement toward giving consumers information about the energy efficiency of their homes so they can make smart choices that save them money and contribute to America’s energy-independence.” Earlier this year, DOE launched the challenge to the home building industry to build 220,000 high-performance energy efficient homes by 2012. By 2030, DOE’s Building America program will have completed research to enable Americans to purchase cost-effective Net Zero Energy Homes. The 1.3 million homes built to the Builders Challenge between now and then, will save Americans an estimated $1.7 billion in energy costs, or the carbon equivalent of taking 606,000 cars off the road. “We have changed the way we build homes. To meet the strict energy savings standards, our homes have to be built better. They are tighter, quieter and offer better indoor air quality,” Viner continued. “We have learned that by using building science, we can produce homes that offer our buyers a lifetime of savings and a price comparable to similar homes without the energy saving features.” To date, The U.S. Department of Energy has qualified 600 homes across the nation as part of the Builders Challenge. The E-Scale is a national metric that enables homebuyers to better understand energy efficiency when purchasing a home. Civano North Ridge is located east of Houghton and south of Irvington. The tour will be at the model located at 5131 S. Hanna Heather Place. ###

Imagine a free festival, full of authors, readings and most of all, books.

In one year, that will be a reality. The first Arizona Daily Star Tucson Festival of Books with The University of Arizona will take place March 13-15, 2009, at the UA.

Pepper Viner Homes has been named the Builder of the Year by the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association. “While it may seem a bit of an oxymoron in a down market, this has been a good year for Pepper Viner Homes,” said Bill Viner, President. “We have been able to focus on our future and have implemented four initiatives that truly change the way we build homes and the way we do business.”

In many places across the country, it’s a rough time to be a home builder.

New-home sales are dropping nationwide, prices are being slashed, and the value of one of builders’ prime assets, land for subdivisions, may be slipping as demand cools.

It’s really a simple equation. “If the crews are winning, the trade is winning. If the trade is winning, Pepper Viner is winning. If the builder is winning, the homebuyer wins.” That’s how Rick Stephenson, Director of Construction, sums up the First Time Quality program.