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Many of your responsibilities as the Homeowner and Pepper Viner’s responsibilities as the builder are explained under the terms of our Limited Warranty and discussed in the Care and Maintenance Section of the Homeowner Manual (see below).  We recommend you become familiar with the necessary home maintenance and the warranty service commitment to you through the Customer Service and Warranty Program.

Pre-Closing Final Inspection (“PCFI”):  A day or two before the Close of Escrow we will invite you to make a final inspection regarding the completion of those items identified during the PCHP.  The PCFI will also include a presentation of important warranty and Customer Service information.

Please note the Homebuyer Orientation, Pre-Drywall Inspection, PCHP, and PCFI are offered as a service for those who wish to attend.  These appointments are available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and are scheduled so as not to delay the construction or the Close of Escrow of your new home.

Pepper Viner Limited Warranty

The construction of your new home is subject to “Warranty Coverage” as defined in Section 9. of the Purchase and Construction Agreement (the “Agreement”).  What follows is additional information and explanation of the Warranty Coverage.

While we strive to build a defect-free home, we are realistic enough to know that this may not occur 100% of the time.  If a defect occurs, we will make necessary corrections.  In support of this commitment, Pepper Viner provides you with a Limited Warranty.  In addition to the information contained in the Limited Warranty itself, this Manual includes details about material and workmanship standards.  The purpose is to let you know what our quality standard is for the typical concerns that may arise in a new home.  This Section describes our standards for each item and what we will do to remedy items that do not meet our standards.

Our criteria for qualifying warranty repairs meet or exceed typical regional industry practices for the components of your home.  However, we reserve the right to exceed these guidelines if common sense or individual circumstances dictate, without being obligated to exceed all guidelines to a similar degree or for all Homeowners.

All non-emergency warranty service requests must be made in writing.  This provides you with documentation and allows us to operate efficiently, thereby providing faster service to all Homeowners.  Only emergency requests are accepted by phone.

Limited Warranty

General InformationBest Service

The quality of construction of your new home is the subject of certain warranties (collectively, the “Warranty Coverage”) made by Pepper Viner to you in Section 9. of the Purchase & Construction Agreement (the “Agreement”) for the purchase and construction of your home.

The construction of your new home has been inspected and approved by all appropriate governmental agencies and by our qualified personnel.

Coverage on the Home, Except Major Structural Defects and Consumer Products

We will correct any defects due to faulty construction, defective materials, or noncompliance with the standards prescribed by the Registrar of Contractors (the “ROC”) for a period of up to two (2) years from the date on which the home is deeded to you.  The obligations and liabilities of us set forth under this Warranty are limited to covered repairs and corrections and are subject to the ROC standards and certain other exclusions as set forth in the Agreement or elsewhere in this Warranty.


Coverage on Consumer Products

For purposes of the Warranty Coverage, the term “consumer products” means all appliances, heating and cooling equipment and other equipment and items which are consumer products for purposes of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 USC, paragraphs 2301-2312) and which are located in the home on the commencement date of the Warranty.  Defects in consumer products and in any other items covered by manufacturers’ warranties are excluded from coverage of this Warranty, and you should follow the procedures in the manufacturers’ warranties if defects appear in these items.  It is your responsibility to contact the manufacturer for any claims covered by these warranties.

Please read all information provided by the manufacturers, which discusses the use and care of your appliances, as well as a description of the warranty of that particular item, and follow the instructions for each appliance.  All manufacturers have their own registration requirements that ensure you receive full warranties on their products.  Warranties may be limited due to selling your home during the warranty period (original buyer only), non-registration of ownership, etc.  If there are questions regarding the limitations of their warranties, you can phone the manufacturers directly.  It is your responsibility to complete and mail all information required by the manufacturers.


Pepper Viner’s Obligations

If a covered defect occurs during the applicable Warranty period, we will repair, replace, or pay you the reasonable cost of repairing the defective item.  Our total maximum liability under this Warranty is limited to the purchase price of the home.  The choice among repair, replacement, or payment is ours.  Any steps taken by us to correct defects or make replacements shall not act to extend the terms of this Warranty.  All covered repairs by us during the Warranty period shall be at no charge to you and shall be performed within a reasonable time from our receipt of written notice of the existence of a defect.


Your Obligations

You are to provide normal maintenance and proper care of the home.  We must be notified in writing of the existence of any covered defect before we will be able to correct that defect.  Written notice of a covered defect must be received by us prior to the expiration of the Warranty on that defect.  You must provide access to your home for us during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), to inspect any defect reported and to perform any required corrective action.



a.  Defects in any item which was not part of the original home as constructed by us.

b.  Any defect caused by or worsened by negligence, improper maintenance, lack of maintenance, improper action or inaction or acts by any party other than us, our employees, agents, or Trade Partners.

c.  Normal wear and tear of the home.

d.  Loss, damage or injury caused by acts of God, or the elements, including, but not limited to, fire, explosion, smoke, water escape, changes which are not reasonably foreseeable in the level or content of underground water table, glass breakage, windstorm, hail, lightening, falling trees, aircraft, vehicles, flood and earthquakes.

e.  Any defect or damage caused by changes in the grading or drainage patterns or by excessive watering of the ground of your property or adjacent property by any party other than us, our employees, agents, or Trade Partners.

f.   Any defect which does not cause actual loss or damage.

g.  Any loss or damage which arises while the home is being used primarily for nonresidential purposes.

h.   Any damage to the extent it is caused or made worse by the failure of anyone other than us or our employees, agents, or Trade Partners to comply with the requirements of the Warranty or the requirements of warranties of manufacturers of appliances, equipment, or fixtures.

i.   Any defect or damage which is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that has been assigned to you.

j.   Your failure to take timely action to minimize loss or damage and/or your failure to give us timely notice of a defect.

k.  Bodily injury, damage to personal property or damage to real property which was not part of the home as constructed by us.

l.   Insect or animal damage.  (See Termite Treatment)

m. Defects and workmanship in items installed by any party other than Trade Partners under direct contract with us.

n.  Conditions resulting from condensation on, or expansion or contraction of, materials.

o.  Subject to necessary corrections identified during the Pre-Closing Home Presentation or the Pre-Closing Final Inspection conducted by us and you, the Warranty excludes cosmetic damage to items such as:

  • Sinks, tubs, and plumbing fixtures
  • Countertops and cabinets
  • Light fixtures, mirrors, and glass
  • Windows and screens
  • Tile, carpet, hardwood, and resilient flooring
  • Doors, trim, and hardware
  • Paint and drywall
  • Finish on appliances


p.  All drains and disposals are tested for proper operation prior to occupancy.  We are not responsible for sewer stoppages after occupancy, unless the stoppage is conclusively determined to be caused by construction material or a construction defect.

q.  Consumer products in the home.


No Other Warranties

This Warranty is the only express warranty provided by us.  Implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and habitability, are limited to the warranty periods set forth above.


Claims Procedure

If a defect appears which you believe to be covered by this Warranty, you must provide us with a written notice of such defect, which notice must be sent to the Customer Service Department at our main office address.  Only emergency reports will be taken by phone.

You will participate in our Customer Service review program.  Under this program, a 30-Day and 1-Year review are scheduled with our Customer Service Department.

Please see the section in your Manual under Customer Service for information on this program.

Pepper Viner Home Buyer Manual (PDF)

Warranty Guidelines can be found here:

Warranty Guideline